Monday Feels: Guacamole, I’m excited!

Can you feel my over excited waving!?
Today is the very best day.

Monday Feels full of all things delicious in life!

Tonight Caleb will take his last check ride of flight school, finishing flight school essentially. INSANE.

Next week we will meet each other in Louisiana for celebration of this almost ending season of life. We will visit our favorite find from our last visit, Driftwood Cask and Barrel, I will order at least 3 bowls of grits, and we will explore all and anything remotely tied to the area’s history + a brewery or two.

In June, I will make my last trip to Alabama, eat lots of Tokyo sushi, shed lots of tears, and pin some pretty baller wings on his uniform. From there, we will load up the mighty moving truck and boogie down I-10 until finally breathing in that Houston air. Caleb will be home just long enough to get settled, pack up, and fly to Michigan for some fun Army training until mid August-ish.

In July, my Mom and I will set sail on the most exciting Mother-Daughter trip imaginable and for 5 whole days, we will be sipping cocktails in the sun, eating the most delicious food, and giggling our way to Mexico! Oh hey, did I mention the cocktails in the sun?

Shall I continue through the year?
You guys, this morning I woke up and just “felt it.”
I felt the season change. I felt all of the excitement and life ahead of us. These last 13 months have blessed us in more ways than I ever expected but these last 4 years have been the kicker. We have prayed, chatted, shared, planned, and lived for “flight school” so much that everything we ever imagined for ourselves, whether personal or marital, has been out of reach. Every goal that took energy and preparation has been gently hand placed on an end table for this exact moment.

This morning I felt it. I felt our entire lives waving to us.
WHAT a beautiful feeling.

Everything I am currently obsessing over:

Cook Once Eat All Week. The best cookbook I own. This book features a one of a kind meal prep concept of preparing three main ingredients (a protein, starch, and vegetable) and turning the prepared ingredients into three fresh meals throughout the week, equating 12-16 servings of food. The recipes are insanely delicious, mindful of time, and incredibly affordable. If you haven’t gotten your hands on your very own copy, you can do so here.

All recipes are gluten free by nature but include tested instructions for making them paleo (grain and dairy free), low carb/keto friendly, along with meat swaps to help fit your needs.

This cookbook made the top 5 books of all books sold on Amazon during pre-order so trust me when I tell you– IT IS WORTH IT.

Isn’t she the best?

I am obsessing over these AMAZON dresses for Caleb’s graduation reception ball and can’t wait to spin like a princess. I’m more excited for this than I was for our wedding.

  • Spaghetti straps with leg split— Not sold on the satin look but I am loving this style.
  • Classic black off the shoulder— you know, if I can manage to finish Insanity.
  • Prom dress style— Which is kind of a silly name because my prom dress wasn nothing like this. Currently my most favorite. In a perfect world, I would rock an A cup and flaunt all of the v-necks. However, the last v-neck I sported comfortably was in 4th grade so this dress is simply here for me to dream of.

I HAVE MADE IT TO WEEK FOUR OF INSANITY. Is this real life? I haven’t gotten down with Shaun T since 2013 but I have cried equally this time compared to then. Between the graduation photos and upcoming cruise, I am literally about to go even more HAM.

What’s that? Hip hop abs?
OKAY 2007.

I am loving my new Fitbit Versa so much that I think Rosie may just lay down and refuse to move. Not to mention that it’s waterproof ensuring all of my laps in the pool yesterday counted for!
Side note: If you’re a Fitbit user, leave me a comment below because I want to connect and am looking for folks to workweek hustle with!

The best things I put into my body last week:

At home: Cauliflower Gnocchi and Meat Sauceb8076a7e-1b11-49b0-96bf-b39761f8fd43

Restaurant: El Tiempo’s Ceviche (minus the garlic toast that smelled amazing)

Weekend vibes: Lupe Tortilla’s House Margarita (My new favorite classic margarita)

Wishing you a great week!


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