Monday Feels: Cabbage “Noodles” and Family Weight Loss Update

If you’re reading this, you made it to another week!
Not one day got you down last week and if you think it did, you overcame it and pressed on! Well done, friend!

This week’s Monday Feels is going to be as short and sweet as I can make it. After two weekend of telling the most ridiculously long stories, I’m really trying to work on my chat. My 3 sentence stories have turned in 30 minutes and even I’m annoyed by it.

Last Wednesday, my Mom and I ditched our weekly dinner and made an Italian recipe out of Maria Emmerich’s cookbook, Keto Restaurant Favorites, and it was incredible. The recipe called for a head of green cabbage, sliced longways, creating strands that resembled “noodles”. You guys, cabbage “noodles” are far greater than any squash, beet, potato, you name it, noodle. They wrapped around my fork PERFECTLY and took the flavor of the sauce really well.

The recipe we opted for made a cream sauce that I was able to find sheep milk grated Parmesan for. The sauce is so incredible that we are going to use it as a base and expand the flavor for a baked chicken recipe this week. I have three of Maria Emmerich’s cookbooks and with every recipe I make, I am more and more blown away by her ability to recreate traditional foods into a “better for you” version. While I am not a “keto” practicing gal myself, I definitely appreciate her take on following a ketogenic lifestyle. You can follow her blog here.

I am beefing up my email newsletter! This is something I created over a year ago but have failed to actually use it more than once. Now that I have a consistent blog post schedule, I am ready to take on the newsletter game! These weekly newsletters will go out on Sunday mornings and will include our weekly meal prep items, recent blog posts, and any current coupon codes/links to my favorite products. You can join my weekly newsletter by clicking here and of course, you can forward it to your best people when you get it!

I am patiently waiting for April 1st to order these new wardrobe finds.

  • Leopard Pumps: ONLY if the price is right. My other Calvin Klein pumps were priced over $100 but dropped down to $60 three times before I bought them. I refuse to pay anything over that.
  • Floral Spring Blouse: The reviews are little hit and miss but I’m going to chance it. I think it will be perfect for Easter.
  • Tie Blouse: In between the gray and rust polka-dot styles but I think this will be really nice with dress slacks during the week and with skinny jeans on the weekend!

Family Weight Loss Challenge Update: As of this morning, three of us are collectively 20 pounds lighter. We’re still waiting for the final two measurements to roll in but WHOA! Go us! I very gladly waved 6.3 pounds away so I’m totally in the groove. I am not a scale person but weighing in with everyone this morning was pretty exciting. It’s fun to be a part of a competition, especially when it’s with close loved ones like siblings! I can’t speak for our Dallas team but over here on the Mother-Daughter front, we’ve been pretty entertained with our dishes.
I feel my best when staying as close to a “whole foods” diet as possible so I prepped a lot of chicken thighs served over green salads with fresh berries and goat cheese. I totally enjoyed 1/2 cup of cottage cheese (I know!) the last few mornings with my breakfast. My love for cottage cheese has been YEARS strong and last week I decided to add it in after I caught Caleb chowing down during our lunchtime phone call. It sounded delicious even in his chews. I haven’t noticed any adverse reactions to it so far but it’s only been a few days. So, we’re pressing onward with the curds, eh!
In addition to food, I stepped up my game, literally. I managed to take two parking lot walks last week, one long “old school” walk (you can read about those here) with Rosie, and I hopped on my parent’s Boflex Treadclimber TWICE. It was an active week that I wrapped up by having TWO jumbo frozen margaritas and a Lemon Shiner (or two) around the fire pit with my favorite people, minus husband.

You can check out my salad details by clicking the photo below!

I am looking forward to week two, as well as week two weigh in! I’m not oblivious to my most likely “water weight” loss. This week will be the real test.

So much for keeping it “short and sweet”. Have a great week and don’t forget to sign up for my weekly newsletter to stay in the loop!

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