Holiday Budget: Costumes You Already Have

Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays but nothing irritates me more than spending all the money to create a costume I only wear for a few hours every few years. Yes, no shame here, I rotate Halloween costumes and I’m very proud of it.

Though all of the Pinterest hours and saves are fun, nothing gives me a high more than creating something I already have and saving the money. Go vintage and take a trip down memory lane with your parents by recreating their homemade costumes

Sharing with you, my top 5 favorite, lazy, and oh so affordable Halloween costumes that need little to no work. What’s better than that?


  1. Black Cat/Mouse. I’m pretty sure I was either a black cat or a mouse all four years of high school plus my sophomore year of college. It’s ridiculously easy and so adorable. Dress yourself in all black, paint whiskers on your face with your eyeliner, and tie it all together with these mouse ears for $6.95, or cat ears for $8.99. Want to go the extra step? Wear your black shades indoors and grab two other parters. It may be 2018 but I still die for three blind mice!
  2. Farm Gal (or Gent). Grab your plaid shirt or pearl snap, starch your jeans, and put your boots on for this one! Or, is that every weekend for you Texas soul? Braid your hair into pig tales and carry your favorite cowgirl hat or “cattle” rope!
  3. Gym Rat/Junkie. Okay, maybe this is the only time I put on my workout clothes? Maybe I buy leggings specifically for Halloween? This one can go basic 80’s with the ever returning colorful body suit and tights or modern gym junkie with your hair in a bun, smudged makeup, and a blender bottle in hand. Regardless, I’m pretty sure you have more than enough to round out this style.
  4. Beach Bum. Just because it’s October, it doesn’t mean you can’t pack your favorite beach bag! Put that swim suit back on, zinc up your nose, and dance repeatedly to The Beach Boys! Being a beach bum is not only cute, it’s efficient! You get to pack a beach bag full of snacks which is perfect for that one Halloween party with all the “snacks” and “people”.
  5. Sleepy Head. I’m going to be real honest here, I’m probably going to rock the “sleepy head” for the rest of my years. Think about it: you rush home from work, you change into the comfiest pajamas, and you veg out to the TV in between the door bell. THEN, when it’s all over.. you go to sleep! Complete this costume by popping out the contact lenses, popping in the old retainer, and snuggling up to your favorite pillow!

And just like that, you turned your every day look into a costume without the glue gun, the hobby lobby stress, or the wasted money.

What will you be this year? Will you be attending anything festive? Let me know in the comments below!

Have the best weekend ever! I’m off to Alabama to visit my honey and celebrate our second wedding anniversary. Man-o-man does the time fly when you’re having fun!

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