Holiday Budget: 3 Treats That Are Not Candy

When I was young, there was one house in the neighborhood I could not wait to visit every year. They always had one of the spookiest yards and the husband and wife dressed up in such fun costumes that always surprised me. Not only did they have the warmest welcome, but they were someone’s grandparents and completely rocked the spirit.

I loved this house for many reasons but what I loved most about trick-or-treating to them was their treat. They did not pass out candy. Instead, they treated us with toys and knick-knacks. Every year it was different and sometimes, they would have more than one option.

The truth is, not one of us cared. The entire neighborhood passed out candy and visiting one house that gave us something other than the standard was more exciting than it was not. Plus, we got something that hung around a little longer than candy… and the stomach ache.

As a child, I never wondered why they chose not to pass out candy. As an adult, I am full of speculations. Whether or not they passed out inedible treats due to their nutrition beliefs, enjoyed being different, or simply liked the reactions, one thing is for certain; Grandma and Grandpa saved money.

Halloween candy is ridiculously overpriced and although you can catch a sale, you’re still spending a lot of money for a bag with little candy.

This year consider letting everyone be “normal” and opt for one, two, or three of these alternative treats!

Glow Sticks. I don’t care how old you are, when you have a glow stick, life is fantastic! Proof: Every wedding dance floor, ever. Glow sticks are the perfect reflector for passing cars once the sun falls. You can keep them as sticks to help their pumpkins glow or you can plan ahead and make half of them into bracelets for the older kids. Before you know it, you’ll look out your window and see glowing goblins and witches everywhere!

*Price: $9.99
Quantity: 100
Prime Eligible: Yes

Puppet Googly Eye Rings. Perfect for the creepy, weird, and spooky Halloween! Puppet Googly eyes are bound.

*Price: $8.99
Quantity: 50
Prime Eligible: Yes

Mini Magnifying Glasses.
These are just fun! I can imagine kids taking their mini glass and attempting to magnify everything.

*Price: $6.99
Quantity: 72
Prime Eligible: Yes

*Price reported at the time of publish: 10/22/2018.

What are you passing out this year? Will you be participating with candy, knick-knacks, or nothing at all?


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