Fall Bucket List: Thing’s I Can’t Wait to Do this Season

Sure, the first day of fall was a couple of weeks ago but living in Houston puts the breaks on the PSL’s, scarfs, and sweaters. We’re still in the pool, rocking shorts and flip flops, and swatting mosquitos constantly!


Determined to fall into the spirit, I can’t help but day dream of these Autumn feeling wishes to be crossed off between now and Thanksgiving!

  1. Pumpkin carving. Luckily for me, it’s a Husband family tradition. Last year I jetted off to Michigan and missed the carving but not this year! I have my Pinterest board set, and I am coming for you!
  2. Pumpkin Spice everything, beginning with my own pumpkin spice coffee creamer. I blend pumpkin pie spice into my coffee all year round but having the real deal creamer is a warm and fuzzy I am looking forward to. Besides, is it even a Fall Bucket List without Pumpkin Spice?
  3. Apple Butter. Oh sweet little baby Jesus chilling in his pine needle bassinet. Apple butter is so worth it all. Especially come that first cool front that lasts through lunch. I don’t have a recipe here on my site but I will be sure to share the process when I finally turn the crockpot on. If you live in a region full of Orchard’s, then you most likely grew up with apple and cinnamon everywhere.
  4. Give blood. The holidays are here which means we are in for the season of parties, cocktails, and people forgetting about Uber or simply.. playing with too many fireworks. Give blood before the end of October, and throughout, if you opt to give something other than whole blood. For me, I have an extremely high platelet count so I hang tight with the extra time it takes and enjoy the grape juice. You will most likely begin seeing an influx of mobile donation sites at your local church/parish and office. As inconvenient as it may seem in those moments, remember that your inconvenience is a/are life(s) of someone else. It is estimated that 13,000 donors are needed each day in October to supply the average demand during the holidays. You can visit The Red Cross for more information and donation sites. If you are in the Houston area and are involved in a blood drive, please let me know! I would love to attend or credit the host! Giving blood should be on every fall bucket list!
  5. Houston Symphony’s Hocus Pocus Pop. This one is coming a little quickly, October  12th, and I’m not sure if I will make it this year but I can’t not day dream about sitting on the lawn at The Woodland’s Pavilion rocking out to the symphony. Unless you purchase an actual seat, the concert is free. If you haven’t seen the Houston Symphony, you are in for a treat. If you’re unable to make your way “north” to The Woodlands on a Friday evening, that’s okay! You can visit them here for more concert information. Make it a date night, a girls night, or a mother-daughter night! The symphony is the perfect item for bucket lists all year round in your city!
  6. Halloween². Yep, squared. A tradition I have with my Father that has been strong since I was maybe around 10 years old? Every year he tells the story of when he and a friend saw the original in theaters in 1978 which leads us to watching it with all the blinds shut, the lights off, and the spook in full effect. It’s my absolute favorite horror movie and it is not Halloween without it. This year is going to be even better as the series finally comes to an end with Jamie Lee Curtis CRUSHING it. Ask me what I thought about the movie Coraline, and I will cry and not sleep for nights but bring up slasher man Michael Myers and I am all in. Seriously though, Coraline was f*cking scary and.. Michael Myers is hello predictable. At least after 17 years of watching.
  7. Walk the Waterway with Rosie. Specifically, that weekend morning when it’s chilly enough for a long sleeve shirt. The Woodland’s Waterway can be so peaceful and I can’t wait to sip coffee while spending a little extra time with my Rosemand. The Woodland’s Waterway is the perfect place for family photos, romantic after dinner walks, and even the ground for fold out chairs and snacks while bumming concert music from the pavilion. It’s just the best!
  8. Food donation. Giving keeps the soul at peace and if you want to take it a step further, donate $10 to your local food bank this season. Every dollar donated provides three meals which makes your donation enough for 30 tummies. For those in Houston, you can donate to the Houston Food Bank monetarily, with your time, or by hosting a food drive. Check out their site here for more information. 
  9. Visit a farmer’s market. I hear Tomball has one of the best markets that operates all year round. I’m totally in for exploring homemade jams, kombucha, and all things local. Not to mention the homemade crafts perfect for decorating your home this Fall season!
  10. Donate clothes to a local women’s shelter. In my quest to live a more minimal life, I really want to give up the things I know I do not need and donating them to a women’s shelter is the perfect place to start. Almost all counties and cities have a donation site.

Have you thought of your Fall bucket list? What are the events and activities you’re looking most towards?

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