WJ’s Weekly Dinner Plan + Grocery List

Another weekend in the books, friends!
If you are here for the weekly meal plan, scroll down

It’s Sunday which means… Let’s recap General Hospital!
This week will be a little longer than next week’s given that I am covering some older information to help with the future recaps. If that makes any sense at all. I mean, GH has been running for 55 years so.. there’s a lot that you’ve missed.

We’re going to start with last Friday (like, not two days ago Friday, but the one before that!) because I mean, guacamole!

We’re greeted with the previous day’s “boom” of Alexis telling her legal clients that they have lost their adopted baby while at their baby celebration. Brad and Lucas’s agreement with the birth mother included a 30 day grace period. Well, surprise. Big shocker there. Oh wait, why you ask? Oh, only because Brad literally stole Michael’s newborn baby and passed it off as this so called adopted one. You know, Brad has an act for the baby business as we just all recently forgot his part in Britt’s baby making with Nicholas which turned out to be Lulu and Dante’s baby. Get it together, man!

So, the original baby died and Nell (Michael’s baby momma) switched the babies and claimed her’s was the one who died. Horrible. Except, Julian totally met the other baby and snapped a photo and for the last week we just played stupid as fans? FINALLY, Julian showed up to the party and was all like “this baby looks so different” and when everyone thought he was cray, he attempted to whip out his photo. However, Brad “bumped” his phone and distracted everyone. Good one, Brad.

Next thing we know, we’re in some scenes in which Maxie and Nina are visiting Madeline in Pentonville, where she is locked up for some hello crimes. They all cry, Madeline attempts a truths with her daughter, Nina, who she kept drugged in a coma for like 18 years and lost her baby. Boohoo, Nina doesn’t fall for it and she and Maxie leave to pop over to Charlie’s where they run into… PETER!

Oh Peter, you just want inside Maxie’s goodie room so badly. Peter is Faisans son and it’s no surprise that the writers are fixing this story up to be another Faisal and Anna in regard to the obsession. However, Maxie is totally digging petter, who is the brother of her late husband, Nathan! All kinds of webs. Peter announces that he is staying in Port Charles and then offers Maxie a position at his new bought tabloid.

Kidnapped Anna and Finn are taken to a clinic to treat the one and only, Cassandra, who has been in a comma with the WSB. Finn succeeds in waking her while pulling this hilarious charade with the guards and he and Anna attempt to blackmail her into helping them further their attempt in learning of the kidnapper. Blackmail was Finn leaving her with an infectious disease.

Carly and Jason play pool like old times and continue talking about the body under Julian’s pub. They became totally distracted when the new DA (I don’t even remember her name but it’s the gal from all my children who married the other gal?) with Drew. You see, Drew has all of Jason’s memories and the DA is totally attempting to get close with him for information. So, Carly calls her out and homegirl is like “I just stand for justice” or something and that’s… pretty much it.

So, remember when Nina and Maxie visited Madeline in prison? We haven’t seen her in months which means there is a story coming. A few “days” after their visit, Valentine makes his way to her. Valentine is Nina’s husband that totally put himself in the worst place. Nina filed for divorce when we learned that Valentine stole Peter as a newborn and gave him to his father, Faison. Why is that bad? Well, Faison is THE VILLAIN and with all this coming to light, Faison returned to Port Charles and that’s how Nathan died. Which ended up being the son he didn’t know he had. Like I said, quite the web.

Valentine will go to the end of the earth to keep Nina but.. we will see if this one saves them. The baby that Nina lost while in a comma years ago?
Valentine cracked Madeline and he is going to rescue her world by hiring PI Curtis to hunt down the information. This will be HUGE. Prepare to cry for days!

Finally, we’re invited into Ferncliff for the big reveal of the patient neighboring Carly when she was there. Who is it!? You guys, it’s Kevin! Kevin is in the mental cell drugged up and his evil twin brother, Ryan Chamberlain, is… Living his life! Welcome back from the grave, evil twin.. We’ve missed you.

Wholesome Joy’s Weekly Dinner Plan

Monday: Thai Coconut Chicken Curry with cauliflower rice

Tuesday: Perfect Turkey Roll Ups with a colorful green salad

  • Color up this salad with red and yellow bell peppers for a punch of vitamin C. Your goal here is to pack this salad with as much color imaginable!
  • Arugula
  • Bell peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Red onion
  • Black olives

Wednesday: Ground Beef Tacos

  • This recipe includes a homemade taco seasoning. Replace it with a high quality pre-made seasoning of your choice for your convenience.

Thursday: Chicken Cobb Salad with Creamy Basalmic vinaigrette

  • Kicking it old school with my first blog post ever for the base of this salad. Please, don’t giggle too much.
  • Replace the buffalo chicken with 4 chicken thighs seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. You can bake, grill, or pan cook them.

Friday: Movie Night- Meat Lover’s Pizza Casserole

  • Grab a movie on your way home from work and wine down with this perfect Friday night dish!

Note: With the exception of Tuesday’s roll ups, each recipe yields at least 4 servings.

Grocery List (printable PDF)

Add: frozen cauliflower rice and nutritional yeast. (SORRY, folks!)

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