Paleo Street Tacos

I spend a lot of time pondering up ideas for you guys. I snap photos of restaurant menu items that catch my eye, pin the most seductive dishes to my secret Pinterest board, and pick all of my close friends brains for things I can make “Paleo”. I live for the challenge and when I make it happen, I write the recipe down, try it again, and then push off a third take for the share worthy photograph.

This process has completely stumped me. Not because I don’t enjoy it, but because at the end of the day… I’m a regular person with regular life happenings and running the course of perfect recipes with share worthy photos isn’t realistic for me. At least not multiple post a week with a schedule looking out into the distance! The weekends are nice and what you have seen, mostly comes from those early mornings with Cheers through the headphones. That mindset is transforming, however.

YOU have taught me something. You’re just like me!
You have full time commitments and your days go by so quickly that as wonderful as it is to host a 6pm family dinner with baked salmon, herb potatoes, and lemon asparagus on the plates… You’re not exactly in that market.

You’re trying to get to work on time, you’re trying to make the most of your lunch by taking a walk around the building, and you’re trying to feed the family in the evenings all while attempting to make the time for the things you want to do.

You are BUSY, friend!

So, we’re going to shift some serious gears over here on Wholesome Joy. I commit to pretty photos but I don’t know when they will be and although the natural light will be missed by traffic (especially this fall), the shares will still be edible. You see, this comes from some serious DM’s and emails from the sweetest folks.

You totally kept up with the meal plans.
You totally watch stories searching for ideas.
You totally want the pretty photo but relate so much more to the iPhone 6 quality!

So, without further adooo, let’s get this show on the road!
This week, and maybe the last 5, I have thrown in basic tacos during the week. So much that I am craving them on repeat. They’re beyond delicious but even better, they ready in  15 minutes.

Up-top | Down-low

  • The taco seasoning is 100% worth making. In all of my spice fun, I have never found  a better blend than this one. Dani Spies IS the official Taco Seasoning Queen. I double the batch and usually find myself pouring it together in.. 3 minutes?
  • My favorite question (not sarcastic): “What makes them Paleo?”
    Answer: They’re free of dairy, refined sugar, and wrapped in Bibb lettuce rather than a traditional corn tortilla. My ancestors certainly did not eat tacos but I will be the change in that line for my future babies. #Texan
  • These work really well for packed lunches. Once cooled, assemble and keep in an air tight container. Sometimes I warm them before eating, sometime’s I’m barbaric.

Paleo Street Tacos

  • Difficulty: Easy
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  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 pound 85/15 grass fed ground beef
  • 2 tablespoons taco seasoning
  • 1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • Bibb lettuce, also known as “butter lettuce”
  • 1/4 yellow onion, diced
  • Cilantro
  • Lime, cut into wedges
  • Avocado, if desired
  • Salsa, if desired 


  1. Warm olive oil in a skillet on medium high heat. Once warmed, add ground beef and season while breaking it up. Stir to incorporate. Let the meat sit for about 3-5 minutes before placing into the lettuce.
  2. Remove lettuce from container, flip over, and carefully cut each stem away from the root. Wash thoroughly. Pat dry and set aside. The closer in the lettuce you get, the larger the leaf.
  3. Fill your “tortilla’ with taco meat, squeeze a lime wedge onto the meat, and top with onion, cilantro, and additional toppings of your choosing.

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