Whole100: Week 5 Menu and Grocery List

I really don’t watch a whole lot of television and what I do watch has either been off the air for more than a decade… or has been ongoing since the 60’s. I’m sitting here watching the finale of American Idol and I have to admit, I’m just really confused. First off, where is Andy Bernard? …and all of these incredible singing souls get partnered with talent and home girl ends up with Kermit the Frog? What?

Since we’re on the topic, I have to let it be known again that I have made my way to Season 9 of Cheers. Sam has finally had his way with Rebecca and I’m just not over her ditching him for Robin Colcord. I mean, Sam has come a long way since the part with Diane and I just really need him with someone. I also need to meet Vera. What is her story? Why did she stop calling Cheers looking for Norm? What makes her so terrible that Norm wont snuggle with her? I need to know.

I also need to stop Googling shows we begin watching. I try so hard to follow along with Caleb and I just Google the big surprises and endings and meh, Gemma kills Tara and then Jax kills Gemma and rides into a truck to kill himself instead of the club because he killed an off limits member of another club. I’m on season 3.

I’m out of control.

Shows come and go on my Netflix que but you know what never leaves me? Food. We have made it to another week and although every week is fun, this one is going to be one of my favorites. Today is day 30 of this glorious 100 days and it’s wedding weekend for my girlfriend, Laura! We are headed to San Francisco and you better bet your last dollar that I will be sharing every food option I come across in the Bay area! I’m so excited!

This week I am looking most forward to a Shepherd’s Pie. When I did my first Whole30 back in 2015(?), I made it every week and never grew tired of it. I use the recipe straight from the W30 book but you can find a similar one here. I will be using the W30 version for my grocery list, however.

Other than that, I am keeping it ultra simple this week with only a few nights of real cooking. Last week’s chicken salad lunches really reminded me of how simple things can be, especially when you’re pressed for time.

I hope you have a great day! Don’t forget to make someone smile today!

  1. Week 5 Menu (Printable PDF)
  2. Week 5 Grocery List (Printable PDF)

Additional links included in menu:

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