Whole100: Week 4 Recap

Hi Friends!

Talk about a fun week! Traveling is my absolute favorite when I am super on track, diet wise. It’s a game I like to play with myself. The play? How well can you modify a restaurant’s menu? The goal? Not getting sick. Okay, that goal is not exact but come on, we’ve all been there! Someone claims they can make it gluten or dairy free and then an hour hits and you’re like “Why is that person allowed to live?”


Let’s back up to last weekend. Friday night I hopped on a flight home after work and had the most amazing weekend with my better half. I am in the last two seasons of Cheers and 7:50pm flights make my Netflix time everything I could ever hope for. I’ve noticed a few things while traveling out to the homestead. First, people are not messing around at the airport. It doesn’t matter if it’s 7:15 in the morning, or in the evening; someone is going to be taking shots and ordering a cocktail within 15 minutes of takeoff. Secondly, regardless of what group you’re in, there will be a line 100% of the time to board the plane as if we all don’t have selected seats and like we’re not all going to same place. AND lastly, flights to Panama City include one of two parties.

Retirees to whom have the sweetest loved ones waiting for their arrival, or folks ready to rage for the beach. The in-between is very tiny.

Saturday morning we woke up and headed out to the lake for a kayaking adventure. Working up an appetite, we ended up at Mellow Mushroom where I fell into a burger and the happiest side ever– Oven roasted potatoes. Friends! Roasted potatoes! They were incredible and seasoned so perfectly with onion, garlic, and an herb mix. I wish I would have remembered to sit closer to a window because this photo does not do them justice. Along side, I built my own burger with a mushroom trip, bacon (no shame), and caramelized onions. It was enough to last me the rest of the day, literally.

Sunday we popped over to Dothan for lunch and shopping. Caleb has been battling serious Mexican food withdraws and the fajitas we stumbled upon still didn’t give him the fix he was yearning for. You just can’t take the Tex-Mex out of a man. After lunch we stopped into Barnes and Noble and honestly could have spent the entire afternoon looking around. I love book stores. I get so inspired by all of the pages of work. At the same time, I end up depressed as.. How many people are reaching for books to read? We definitely had our fix there. We both slurped down an iced quad from Starbucks and ran through that store in about.. 20 minutes. No chill.

Sunday night we grilled up my favorite burgers ever from Nom Nom Paleo. These Big-O Bacon Burgers are the greatest. We like to make them into sliders which is perfect for meal prep. You can click here for the recipe.

Monday. Monday was the best day. Partially because of sushi and partially because of Texas Roadhouse. We were introduced to an all you can eat sushi joint right outside the Daleville gate called Tokyo Sushi. Their sashimi isn’t included but they have a few riceless rolls wrapped in cucumber that bring my life purpose. I started with the tuna poke and rolled right into the rolls. I really like their poke. They don’t bog it down with anything other than fresh fish and the tiniest amount of sauce. For dinner we ended up at Texas Roadhouse for steak. A little tip for you. You can order your steak “gluten free” which will omit the seasoning used that includes some funky stuff (apparently). My go to steak at roadhouse is:

  • 11 or 16 ounce sirloin, blued (I mean, the 16 ounce is $4 more and lunch is a thing)
  • Plain sweet potato
  • Seasonal Vegetables, no butter.

In my purse, I hide my own ghee which I usually slab onto my sweet potato along with salt and pepper. The best.

I flew out Tuesday morning, landed in Houston just after 8:00, got into my car and.. headed to Dallas!

Week 4 was fun. I hated not having a post for you (or myself) last week but I think this will end up more beneficial. This week I navigated menus, and yelp, like a champ. Going “Paleo” is challenging. Especially in this day in age when we don’t necessarily cook each and every meal in our own kitchens. I hope this recap provides you a little insight, and encourage, to make it through a road trip. business travel, or celebrations on the town like a professional!

Week four recap– Printable PDF

Week five is here, people! Blowing through day 29 (?), and so ready to rock another happy week.


The highlight of the week was definitely On the Boarder’s Carne Asada with extra vegetables and Churascos Carnitas! I just want to bathe in these babies.

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