Whole100: Week 2 Menu and Grocery List

Talk about a day. Talk about a week!

I am so happy that I meal prepped last week but goodness, do I need to evaluate serving sizes. I had so much left over and nothing makes me more upset than throwing away food. Not to say that I never do that but here lately, it bothers me so much. For every chicken I threw away this morning, I cried because that was money!

Speaking of crying, today I had a total melt down. While I was cleaning out the refrigerator I just lost it! I just looked around at all of the food from last week and proceeded to turn into a 5 year old to my Mother snot-cry saying “all of this food is wasted because Caleb isn’t here to eat it! He always eats everything and I don’t ever have to worry about throwing things out and here I am wasting so much money on food I didn’t eat and”… you can imagine the rest. So I excused myself, cried my eyes out because of the real root reason, and went back to finish cleaning up. Finally, I used my adult words to express my emotions to my Mom (who couldn’t understand me and thought I was upset with her) and there we were… I’m crying again, she’s choking up because she hates seeing me cry, and all I can think about it how I want a kombucha but I bought the wrong one with sugar in it yesterday!

It’s been a draining day.

How was your last week and weekend? Did you follow along with the menu at all? A few folks reached out with such sweet words and updates that made last week so much better.

I am incredibly stunned at how not terrible it was. I was expecting headaches, lack of focus, and emotional downpour but the only thing I battled with was sleep. I had a few sweet cravings on Tuesday but I combatted it with black coffee and I was good to go.

Last Wednesday I ate out with my Mom. I had to run errands after work and I just really wanted fish. We decided on Blue Water Seafood Grill which is famously known for their crawfish. We shared oysters and got ceviche. It was purse bliss.

My Mom made my slow cooker carnitas on Friday so I put it over arugula and salsa’d down on that bowl! I didn’t think to snap a picture until it was gone but I was one happy gal for the rest of the night!

Saturday (yesterday) we went to a crawfish boil where I drank my weight in sparkling water with a splash of grapefruit juice. It’s my newest obsession. I fill a mason jar up with ice, pour the regular (blue) La Croix in, and then splash it with 100% ruby red grapefruit juice. A few people thought I was having Salty Dogs and I totally went with it.

We didn’t stay long at the boil but we ended up making a pit stop to Chili’s. I have to give it to them for the most carbonated club soda I’ve ever had. It was AMAZING. I asked for a lime and I felt so apart of the group. For dinner, I ordered the Old Timer, no cheese, no bun, added bacon (I don’t care that there was probably sugar and nitrates in it), an egg, extra mustard, and asparagus in lieu of fries.

Guys, my bill was $12. Not drinking is totally helping the savings account! I had a panic but I blew it off. The server and I discussed no cheese three times and well, it came out with cheese. I wanted to cry. They were so busy and at that point, my stomach was screaming so I scrapped it (and most of my burger top) off and passed it down to a cheese lover. Bam.

Overall, it was a great first week to the 100. I’m excited for this week as I will be back in the kitchen each night for dinner instead of the microwave. I had a couple of following friends ask me to video as I am cooking dinner and you know, I am going to work on that this week!

If that is something that interests you, please feel free to follow along on my instagram and facebook stories to see how I prepare dinner each night this week! Let’s make it date and look for them up by 6:30pm (central)?

I hope that you have the best week ever! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #WJ100 if you’re following along on a Whole30 with me! I love seeing you and your beautiful face!

Week 2– Menu (printable pdf)

Week 2– Grocery List (printable pdf)

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