Whole100: Week 1 Menu and Grocery List

Happy Sunday to you!

I hope that you are relaxing from a fun weekend! We had such a busy Saturday! My Mom picked me up from the airport on Wednesday and we have been inseparable! I turned in the keys to the apartment yesterday which was.. ahh!I absolutely struggle with home changes. However, I didn’t ugly cry as much compared to that one time I moved apartments in Huntsville (or again when I moved home from Huntsville), but I had my moment! I grew up essentially under one roof for the bulk of my childhood so moving is extremely odd to me. Let’s not even talk about my parents beginning to plan their future outside of our beloved family home!

This time around though, there was a calming presence. This will be the last move of our lives. Well, for the most part. Our plan is to build. We have acreage in our future and once Caleb is home, we will settle into a home that I pray to die in. Not immediately, of course! This distance and less than stellar living conditions (sorry Mom, who is bringing me coffee in bed– rough), is for that dream. So, when turning in the keys yesterday to the first home Caleb and I have had together, it was more sweet than bitter.

It’s about the process. Something that I need reminding of daily.

Hey! Speaking of “process”, tomorrow I will begin my Whole100! 100 days of grain free, dairy free, processed sugar free, alcohol free, legume free, and some other fun free things! With this, I want to share my menu and grocery list each week! This not only may help someone but ultimately keep me accountable.

This first week is never anything to write home about. I work really hard to be as lazy and boring as possible. During the first week of a Whole30, the body works through a detox which often feels like a hangover. I am confident this will be the worst week of all of my Whole30’s provided that I am coming off months of serious Standard American Diet-ing.  Once I work through the first week, cooking is much more enjoyable so don’t leave me yet! With these menu’s, I have included a grocery list of everything needed to fulfill the recipe but feel free to cross off the items you may already have!

The Whole100 will run from April 23 through August 1st.
In this time, I will have a Cinco de Mayo bachelorette party, a wedding, my birthday, and plenty of trips to the beach which are magical with a Corona in hand. If you’re an instagramer, follow along with my stories to see how crucial planning is along with here, on the blog, for my tricks and hacks! I will try my hardest to link them to the WJ Facebook stories too!

Click Me– Week 1 Menu (printable PDF)
Click Me– Week 1 Grocery List (printable PDF)

There is a Greek dressing included in the menu that hasn’t made it’s way in front of a camera yet so you will only find it in the pdf! So, there is your perk for hanging out with me! Exclusive content just for you!

I hope you have the best week! Looking to pop in a Whole30 with me? C’mon, friend! Be my village and let me know how you’re doing!

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