WJBC: It Starts With Food, Part 1

Let’s begin with the first “dag-gummit” moment: This was supposed to be posted yesterday.

You know, when I created the calendar for this read, I broke it up by pages instead of content. Rookie mistake! Don’t worry, I can feel all of my teacher friends face palms. Essentially, the first 18 pages include, well, 6 pages of the actual book. Okay fine, it’s 6 persuasive pages to begin the Whole30!

Positive note? We only had to read 6 pages! How’s that for getting back into the reading swing of things if you’re like me and haven’t picked up a book in… a hot minute!


Despite the sale pitch, and super short and sweet content, I was still able to take a few solid things away from it.

First, man oh man have we partied hard since Caleb’s return in November. After reading Dallas’s words regarding tendonitis, I just dropped my head into my elbow pit. He was able to solve his issues after reading into the effect of legumes and eliminating them from his diet (2). My body has been so achy lately and I have ignored the obvious because we’re having so much fun spending every night and weekend like a date. I am inflamed like a redneck bonfire (that’s for you, Dad). Thinking of this reminds me of one of my favorite quotes. Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

The food we eat is either giving us health, or making us sick (3). Sure, that may sound a little dramatic but lets think about it in an obvious sense.

Last Thursday I joined a girlfriend for dinner. Dinner was great! We had ceviche from El Tiempo and some seriously perfect salsa. Well, we let our absence in time together get the best of us so we caught up with a few margaritas and well… One thing leads to another and I spend $52 ubering home from Houston to Conroe.

Friday morning, I wanted to jump off a bridge for many more reasons than the fact that I partook in adult beverages. 6:30 am came so early, the alarm was louder than usual, and being an adult means being a worthy employee who does not give employers reason to consider why they have you around! That “food” did not give me life and although delicious and full of laughter, it’s probably not adding years of service to my belt.

Food goes beyond how you feel in the moment. Like a car, we can not run without an oil change. I can go miles and miles between putting the cheapest option in my car but at some point, it will need a flush. Isn’t the goal to have the car after the payments are done? Are we cars and nutrition is the payment?

That’s how I personally like to explain the Whole30. It’s good to change the oil in your car after many miles just like it’s good to change your breakfast after months of muffins and cereal. What’s even better about change is that it gives you an opportunity to adapt to something better. So, you give yourself 30 days free of all of this “stuff” only to learn that only half of the stuff made you feel “bad”. Would you agree that you are better off than you were pre-30 days ago? That’s what’s it about!

It’s finding what works for you.

So, what do you think!? Even if you are following along here and not with the book, what are your thoughts?

What’s a chat without credit?

(1) Hartwig, Dallas, and Melissa Hartwig. “Food Should Make You Healthy.” It Starts with Food. Las Vegas: Victory Belt, 2014. 12-17. Print.

(2) Hartwig, Dallas, and Melissa Hartwig. “Food Should Make You Healthy.” It Starts with Food. Las Vegas: Victory Belt, 2014. 14-15. Print.

(3) Hartwig, Dallas, and Melissa Hartwig. “Food Should Make You Healthy.” It Starts with Food. Las Vegas: Victory Belt, 2014. 12. Print.

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