WJ Book Club: It Starts With Food

48 days! That’s all I have until I am Whole100-ing all the way to August! No really, August 1st will the 100th day so it’s even cooler than it sounds!

Man! I’m super excited. This entire week my phone reminded me of my first Whole30 that I began April 29, 2016. Yikes it feels like so long ago! I recall having so much fun and having all of my sh*t together. I meal prepped for my brothers wedding that took place the second week. They lived in Longview at the time so I packed a cooler with salmon, toasted eggplant, a bag of oranges, and so much sparkling water.

That weekend was the true challenge. They had Pizza King cater their rehearsal and if you know anything about Longview, Pizza King is the definition of great pizza. They have this creamy house dressing that will make you weak in the knees and I told Caleb, “At the end of all of this, we’re going back and I’m having beer and pizza.” We never actually went back but it fueled my fire.

We arrived Friday before the rehearsal and I ate in the hotel prior to meeting. I packed a lunch lot of sparkling water that I planned to hide under the table and drink from a wine glass at the dinner. CRUSHED IT.

Saturday morning we met in the bridal hotel suite for hair and make up and I sipped coffee and giggled with everyone. Kara and Tony know how to wed. The entire time we planned our wedding, I just kept asking myself “what would Kara do?” I could rant for hours about the incredible village that surrounds them.

I mastered that weekend though. I ate before every event and at dinner, they had a cutting station so I was protein happy. I sipped club soda from a wine glass and partied my bottom off.

If you would like to read my first Whole30 realizations, you can visit my Instagram post here.

-Wholesome Joy Book Club-

DSC_0046 (2)

Now, let’s get to the fun!
Welcome to the first WJ Book Club! I have been itching to launch this for some time and in preparation to begin my Whole100, April 23, 2018, I thought “what better way than to refresh than with It Starts With Food!?”

Now, this read is meant to jump start your gears into a Whole30 but truly, there is so much content here that reading it for the knowledge, is just as wonderful. In this read you will find information regarding to hormones, inflammation, gut health, and how food effects these things. You will also read about the Whole30 Reset and the importance of allowing your body 30 full days of real food. My suggestion is to stick around even after the fun science. I mean, you never know if you’ll end up want to give it a gander!

The Specifics:
Book: It Starts With Food by Dallas Hartwig and Melissa Hartwig.
ISBN-10: 1628600543
Where: You can purchase this book via Amazon here or by visiting your local book store.
Run Time: March 12, 2018 through April 30, 2018.
How it Works: Follow along by using the calendar below. We will begin reading March 12th with the first discussion being March 19th, and each Monday thereafter. To join in to the discussion, simply use the comment feature on the related blog post.


Week 1 (March 12-18):

Pages: 0-23

Discussion: March 19

Week 2 (March 19-25):

Pages: 24-85

Discussion: March 26

Week 3 (April 2-8)

Pages: 87-139

Discussion: April 9

Week 4 (April 9-15)

Pages: 140-178

Discussion: April 16

Week 5 (April 16-22)

Pages: 180-221

Discussion: April 23

Week 6 (April 23-29)

Pages: 223-258

Discussion: April 30

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