Paleo Fun, Travel, & Murder– My Absolute Favorite Podcasts

It’s Monday!

The weekends really are never long enough. I always think I have more time than I do and come Sunday night, I just panic with all of the things I have to do the next weekend. It’s a vicious cycle.

I really like to hit it hard each Monday though. We eat a cooked meal at home, I always bring my lunch, and I dive into work without any breaks. Of all the things that can derail a day, there is one Monday constant, podcasts.

Monday morning tends to be a favored morning for me. I enjoy hearing about everyone’s weekend and once we’re caught up, it’s usually when the floor is most quiet. It’s also the day when majority of folks have their headphones in and their heads glued to their screens.

Without a doubt, you can catch me lost in my element to any of these treasures.

Paleo/Health Related

PaleOMG with Juli Bauer Roth– I’ve listened to this podcast since the first episode and maybe it’s the loyalty in me but, I just can’t put it down. As stated in her bio, you’re not going to find all of the fun science behind grains and dairy. You most certainly will not hear her gush on and on about the mitochondria and if you’re wanting to learn about your macronutrients, you’re definitely in the wrong place. However, this is my top favorite podcast to listen to while out for a walk with Rosie, hammering down spreads at work, or when traffic has taken my commute hostage. Juli is a mess, a very “together” mess, and her podcast is kind of like spending time with the girls. Wide ranging conversation topics, lots of inappropriate language, and just a tad bitchy. She’s just the best and she gives absolute ZERO cares in the world. Which is something I admire and that keeps me returning every week. “Just a real gem!”

Fed+Fit with Cassy Joy Garica– Cassy Joy is coined as the nicest person in the community. Regardless of the podcast she hosts, or those where she is a guest, I’ve never left feeling anything other than uplifted. She packs her episodes with relative information, tips for success, and overall a positive mindset that every single person can benefit from. Plus, not trying to brag or anything but we totally shared air together at her book signing and she is even more fabulous in person. Cassy Joy is the true daughter of the KING and her love for life and passion for you (who she has no idea exists) is so great that you will cherish even the smallest podcasts she shares while walking Gus, her fur child.

Balanced Bites with Diane Sanfilippo and Liz Wolfe– No relation to Robb but man do these two provide. THIS is the podcast in which you WILL hear science and you will learn more than you care to, all while enjoying two friends having a blast nerding out and being real with each other. I found this podcast back in 2015 when I first began evolving my SAD to more of a Paleo lifestyle and I really enjoy what they stand for. They do not preach black and white Paleo and they are advocates for individual responsibility. Here, you will find several interviews ranging in topics with leading experts and professionals.

Girls Gone WOD with Joy Parrish and Claire Koch– Joy and Claire are a breath of fresh air. I haven’t listened to their podcast religiously but I have listened enough to fall in love with their style. This podcast is a staple in a healthy mind, self love , and overall body awareness. They’re extremely open about their personal struggles and the actions they take to combat them.

Non Health Related

Wine & Crime with Amanda, Kenyon, and Lucy– A little fun fact about myself is that I am a baby. If it doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, I will lay awake at night and scare myself to death. However, this podcast is the complete opposite. I heard about it from PaleOMG and I am so glad I gave it a go. I literally laugh out loud every episode and easily go through multiple episodes in one sitting. I don’t even know that I realize I do it. It’s three best friends who drink wine and make fun of real crimes. There’s no holding back here, which makes it totally worth it. If you’re able to enjoy sarcasm, giggles, and [some] political comments, you will definitely enjoy this one.

Specific Note Worthy Episodes

Let’s just go ahead and get one thing straight here. Regardless of the guest, Joe Rogan is a total BOSS at taking all types of personality and transforming them into the most exciting and interesting interviews ever. Joe Rogan is our road trip podcast of choice and he never disappoints.

Robb Wolf– Before hearing this interview, I had listened to a few of Robb Wolf’s podcast episodes that I just struggled to get into. I’m not sure if I picked the most off ones out there but they were dry and I couldn’t focus at all. When this one popped up in Joe Rogan’s feed, I had to give it a listen. Robb Wolf is one of THE leading contributors in the Paleo community and after hearing this fun, relaxed, off the wall interview, I appreciated him even more. The conversation is so much more than what’s happening at the cellular level.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick– Grab a notebook and be a student. Holy smokes is this gal a resource. I listened to our friend Jon and Caleb discuss this episode for what seemed like hours once during a game of dominos and after listening to it on my way home from Longview one weekend, I called my Mom and threw up everything I had learned. Dr. Patrick has an act for relaying her extensive research of nutrition, aging, and cancer in layman’s terms and discusses her research findings so clear that your brain explodes. Such a GREAT episode.

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