Christmas Gift Guide: For the Home Chef

Merry Christmas!

I can say that right? It’s not too early, Thanksgiving is over! I am currently coming at you from the beautiful view of Panama City Beach. Friends, if you’re looking for a place to stay, at a great off season price, look NO further. This hotel is incredible! It is on the beach, parking is easy peasy, and the beds are beyond comfy! I’m a bit of a Hilton snob. Not because I think they’re the best, but because I can’t stop trying to earn points. Okay, i love them, they are the best. Give me a point system and I will be your best customer!

This time of year truly makes my life.
Nothing is better than witnessing the smiles on everyones face and gifting loved ones. As known, I absolutely love tucking myself away in the kitchen, especially when I have a new gadget. For those of you like me (or know of someone), I know you will relate to this guide! These items are easily everyday kitchen items that make being in the kitchen so much easier.

Christmas Gift Guide: For the Home Chef

Chef Christmas List.PNG

  1. Hand Grater and Zester: Lettuce wraps, pasta sauces, morning lattes, and chicken delights. This hand grater makes adding lemon zest, fresh ginger, nutmeg, and garlic so much easier. Skip the big guys and add this to the kitchen drawers!
  2. Cutting Board: Getting a new cutting board is one of my favorite feelings. These babies are used day in and day out. My Father came across this board and after I used theirs, I quickly replaced mine with it. It’s thick, cleans well, and just the right size to store. This is absolutely my favorite board.
  3. Smart Stick Hand Blender: Everyday. Every week. I have sent this blender to so many friends. It comes with useful attachments and it works like a dream. Mayo, coffee, soups, and lazy nights when I don’t feel like hand chopping onions, this blender set is a STAPLE in our kitchen.
  4. Medallion Slicer: Patiently waiting for Santa to bring. I am so OVER attempting to thinly slice everything. Medallions are the perfect way to expedite your time chopping, slicing, and prepping.
  5. Knife Sharpener: YES. If there is one item on this list that I believe to be the best, it’s this knife sharpener. Listen, nothing is worst than grabbing a dull knife and trying to cut a tomato. Every kitchen needs a knife sharpener and you are just the one to give it! This is the exact model we have and we love it!
  6. Spiralizer: Store bought veggie noodles can be an expense. This spiralizer saves us from spending close to $5 on noodles for one and it’s a fun tool to play with in the kitchen.
  7. Mixing Bowls: Can you really have too many mixing bowls?
  8. Enameled Cast Iron Grill Pan: Glorious. Chicken, steaks, and fish… The grill marks are beautiful.
  9. Spatula Set: Out with the old, in with the new. I don’t know how but I seriously run through my spatulas. Having a new set for the year is helpful and so needed.
  10. Martha Stewart Enameled Cast Iron Round Casserole: This sweet pot has been on my list for years! It’s one of those pots that are are pricy but often on sale. However, if I come home with another kitchen pot for our tiny apartment kitchen, Caleb may actually have a cow. This pot is a dream though. Soups, stews, pot roasts, casseroles, you name it– It’ll do it.
  11. Bonus: 8 Cup Food Processor: This is a tool that I am so thankful to have. Often times, a high speed blender is enough but every now and then, there’s a dish that is perfected with a processor. Example, cauliflower and broccoli. In the blender, i essentially turn it to mush. With a processor and included attainments, the output is so much better for fried “rice”!
  12. Bonus: Roaster with Roasting Rack: Roasting is not just for the holidays! Go ahead and roast a chicken during in the Spring and use the grater above to zest lemons and oranges for under the skin! Roasters are another gadget that we only think about during the holidays but are handy all year!

Happy gifting and happy kitchen-ing!

I am off to see my honey! I can not BELIEVE the time has come! Merry Christmas and happy Wednesday!


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  1. Shredding soft cheeses (for tacos or mac-and-Jack) and harder foods (say, potatoes for hash browns); use the side with the large holes. The medium-size holes make smaller shreds of hard foods. The tiny holes turn out fine, crumblike Parmesan. The single horizontal sharp edge is for shaving thin slices of hard foods, such as carrots?it’s great if you’re slicing just one, but for a dozen consider a mandoline.


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