10 Items To Help Transition Into the Christmas Spirit

If we’re being completely honest, I haven’t been the most festive gal these last few years. We have had year after year of warm weather and it truly prevents the holiday spirit for us. In fact, it’s currently 73 degrees and the only thing that is reminding me of the season is the Michigan- Ohio State game and all of the bowl games coming up.

Although I have made some improvements this year, I’m still very much struggling. With that said, I give you (or me)…. 10 time that will hopefully help welcome the Christmas Spirit!

Transition into Chirstmas.PNG

  1. Swap all of your coffee mugs out with these festive Christmas Mugs. Perfect for guest and just enough to put the extra pep in your step when waking up to the cold floors.
  2. Every kitchen needs a cookie jar, especially during the month of December. Let this year be the beginning of traditions by adding this adorable snow bear cookie jar to the décor. Kids or not, there’s something exciting about visiting the cookie jar to see what’s in store.
  3. Kitchen Towels! Nothing is easier than jazzing your kitchen up with seasonal towels.
  4. Being in an apartment, decorating for the seasons can easily clutter the area. Utilizing a table runner on the table helps spruce the area but keeps it simple.
  5. Michael Buble’s Christmas Album. Enough said.
  6. Holiday Pajama’s— Okay, so maybe this is a personality thing but regardless, I feel as if everyone can get a chuckle out of holiday pajama sets. Paired with freshly washed sheets, heaven.
  7. Cuddle up to holiday shows and movies with a festive Holiday throw blanket!
  8. Hang a Wreath! Even if it’s all the spirit that you have, hang it!
  9. I get so excited when someone has Peppermint Hand Soap. I don’t know what it is about it but I instantly sniff my hands and feel jolly!
  10. Fill the air with scents smelled best when the air is crisp.
  11. Bonus: Peppermint Mocha Cream

If you’re struggling like me, I hope you find your Christmas cheer by incorporating a few of these little guys into your daily element!

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